Intel knocked AMD again from the best performance throne with coffee lake processors. the 8xxx series from Intel. However, this was premature release for the mainboard manufacturers.

As the big manufacturers like ASUS, Gigabyte and MSI are still stuffed with chips for Kaby lake processors.

So, Intel had to sacrifice its partners just to smash AMD ego from the beginning ….

Still, for Intel to give the main boards the needed time to clear Kaby lakes chips …the coffee lake release was shy; and Intel started releasing very small quantities of coffee lake in the beginning of the quarter.

But is the call for “Intel” only ?? not really… the mainboard manufacturers have their say as well; they can keep the prices of the coffee lake chips on a high level, the Z370 ranging between 110$ to 200$ compared to H110 for Kaby lake starting from 40$ only.!!!

So, the quarter will be a miss !! personally, I don’t see Intel sacrificing their numbers this quarter

Just to wait for the mainboard manufacturers clearing their inventory …so and this is totally your responsibility in taking my opinion …the shortage in coffee lake is just an illusion that will fade away very quickly before the quarter ends… don't buy it at a high price and don’t overstock it …

Work on conservative inventory; have the stock but not overstock ….

Gulf Shadows will be having most of the time all the range in box and tray …thank you for reading this and seeing you in my advice Q1 2018 In Sha Allah.

CPU Product Manager

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