Q4 2017

The top three DRAM server suppliers (Samsung, SK Hynix, and Micron) posted record revenues in the global market for memory chips in the third quarter of the year, revenue rose approximately 25% compared with Q2 2017.

Strained DRAM supply was even more evident during Q3 2017 as limited production capacity and limited technological progress for the memory industry encountered robust demand from data centers.

Beginning of Q4 2017 we observed price increment in DRAM modules, adding to that a very limited supply from all major brands and OEMs, the main reason for this increment according to analysts is the massive demand in China along with the growing interest in areas such as artificial intelligence (AI), smartphones and corporate-level memory chips.

Some people are expecting that Korea earthquake will cause extra price increment, however, Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix confirmed that the earthquake triggered no disruption or damage to semiconductor production lines.

I advise keeping a minimum of two weeks stock for 4GB and 8GB modules, while for 16GB you can keep one-week stock.

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